Patent shall be an exclusive right and enterprise’s most valuable assets. It provides indispensable strategic protections for innovative businesses and inventors.

Our patent agents and lawyers have the technical backgrounds and the sufficient experience to assist customers in navigating the legally complex patenting process both domestically and internationally.

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Patent search in terms of novelty, legal status and subject

Patent application (design, utility model, invention ) in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions as well as foreign countries

Patent reexamination, invalid application and invalid defense

Patent assignment and patent license contract filing

Some Guides of Patent Matters in China:

Patent Matters Guides
National phase of
PCT Applications

It includes phases of entering, preliminary examination, publication, substantive examination and grant. It is necessary for the applicant to file a request for substance examination within 3 years from the earliest priority date. But it is suggested to file the request for examination at the same time of filing, so as to accelerate the application process. The duration of the patent right for an invention will be 20 years counted from the date of filing.


It includes phases of acceptance, preliminary examination and grant. It usually takes 6~7 months. Validity of registered design lasts for 10 years and annual fees shall be paid in advance within the month before the expiration of the preceding year.
According to the Patent Law of China, a design patent application shall be limited to ONE design incorporated in ONE product. Only the designs which are incorporated in products belonging to the same class and are sold or used in sets may be filed as one application.

Utility Model

It includes phases of acceptance, preliminary examination and grant. No substantive examination is required. The duration of patent right for Utility Model is 10 years counted from the filing date.