Intellectual Property Protection in China

In China, as a country with a rapidly growing economy, has been attaching great importance to intellectual property protection (IPR) for both domestic and overseas entities, organizations and individuals, as it has frequent trading relationships with nations all over the world.

China’s attitude towards intellectual property protection is clear and firm. It has strengthened intellectual property protection at the legislative, law enforcement and judicial levels, having achieved notable results, which have been positively recognized by the international community. China has a comprehensive and high-standard legal system for intellectual property’s protection, application and administration, ranging from laws, planning and policies to enforcement agencies. China equally protects the lawful rights and interests of the Chinese and foreign parties in accordance with law.

There is a specialized national department to deal with all intellectual property matters in China, which is named China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Trademark office in charge of trademark issues; Patent office is responsible for patent affairs and Copyright Protection Center for copyright matters. Any foreign person, enterprise or organization intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or a patent, or for any other matters concerning intellectual property in China shall appoint any of such organizations as designated by the State to represent himself.