Our Professionals

Meet our team

International Department

Amy Gao

IP Attorney

Practice Area: Trademark application, Response to OA, Trademark related services, Patent, Copyright

Janice Chen

IP Attorney

Practice Area: Trademark Protection, Strategy, Litigation, Patent, Industrial Design, Copyright

Kelly Chan

IP Consultant/Attorney

Practice Area: Domestic & Overseas Trademark Registration, Protection, Legal Advice; Copyright Matters

Lily Chen

Trademark Attorney

Practice Area: Search, Professional advice, Trademark application, Renewal

Meet our team

Domestic Professionals

Ouyang Dongfeng

IP Attorney

8 years rich experience in IP protection

Yang Xiaoli

IP Attorney

Specialized in trademark services for 7 years

Zhang Xiaohua

Senior Trademark Lawyer (Trademark & Patent)

Represented nearly 100 IP litigation cases since 2008

Wu Caixia

Trademark Lawyer

Practising in trademark invalidation, cancellation, infringement

Qiu Linru

Legal Counsel

Expert in reply to provisional refusal, cancellation and invalidation

Xian Jumei

Legal Counsel

Expert in opposition, trademark watching, cancellation and invalidation

Peng Yun

Japanese Desk

Familiar with China trademark matters with fluent Japanese

Chen Zhicong

Patent Engineer

Licensed patent engineer in practition for 6 years