WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Innovation & Industrial Design was Issued

WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Innovation & Industrial Design was Issued

“Today I am honored and excited to accept the award on behalf of our team.” the Gold Award winner Jian Xigao, the professor of Dalian University of Technology as well as the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering told to the CIP News reporter, at the 17th China Patent Awards on December 15. He said that in 20 years of research, they had encountered countless number of problems, but he was gratified that the patent has been transformed and the product saw a total of more than 6 billion yuan of sales and a profit of over 1 billion yuan.

“For over 20 years, China Patent Awards has witnessed the development of China’s independent innovation, which promoted obvious social progress and economic development and its authority and credibility are accumulated.” Cao Xinming, the Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Research Center under Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, having been concerned of China Patent Awards over the years, told the CIP News reporter.

Conventionally, bubble defects often appear during the LCD glass production, which has plagued many domestic manufacturers for high reject rate and affected economic efficiency. Even in the face of high prices, foreign companies are not reluctant to transfer such production technology patents. In this case, Dongxu Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter as Dongxu Group) concentrated innovation resources on independent research and developed “a treatment of molten glass in platinum channel” patent, reducing the bubble defects and increased the rate of finished product by 15% at same time the benefit greatly increased. And now, this patent got the golden award. The industry cannot live without IP especially patent support.” Wang Jianqiang, the VP of Dongxu Group told the reporter, over ten years, the market is changing, the environment is changing, technology is changing, the concept of innovation and intellectual property of Dongxu Group never changes.

In 2014, China’s invention patent applications reached 928,000, an increase of 12.5%, the number ranked first for four consecutive years in the world, including growing number of high quality, high value patents, accumulated sufficient reserves for China Patent Award selection

SIPO Patent Management Department official introducd to the reporter, 17th China Patent Awards has two prominent features. Firstly, the award system becomes more efficiency, the selection process becomes more scientific. The new “China Patent Award Awarding Approach” emphasizes the scientific selection process, widens the participation of society, namely, the candidates are recommended by State Council departments of intellectual property management agencies, local intellectual property offices, the relevant national trade associations, as well as the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and then the candidates were examined by preliminary review office, expert initial evaluation, and approved by reviewing committee. Finally, the China’s SIPO and WIPO make decisions on the awards. Secondly, selection work guidance became clearer, highlighting the quality-oriented patent, paying more attention to advanced technology of the patent, emphasizing the practical benefits of the patent application and its outstanding contribution to the economic and social development, and the leading role in the development of the industry.

Reporters learned in the interview that, the selection of 17th China Patent Awards continued to get the support of all society and industry, and a total of 1,029 outstanding projects were recommended as candidates. With the joint efforts of all parties, 20 China Patent Golden Awards, 5 China Golden Design Awards, and 507 China Excellent Patent Awards, and 57 China Excellent Design Awards were selected. Compared with the previous China Patent Awards, the level of innovation and output of current winning projects have upgraded. The exploitation of these outstanding patents played an important role on enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading,.

China Patent Awards started from 1989, and 17 sessions has been successfully held since then. 25 golden awards projects of the 17th China Patent Awards saw new sales of 149.3 billion yuan with the new profit of 33.4 billion yuan and the exports of 10.4 billion yuan.