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As the CTMO (the Chinese Trademark Office belonging to State Administration for Industry and Commerce of P. R. China) chartered trademark agency, Guangzhou Dearfriend Trademark Agency Co., Ltd has been delivering IP agency services for clients in and abroad since founded in 1998, from which you can receive full and professional services regarding trademark, patent, copyright and etc.

Our company is based on Guangzhou and we also have established a subsidiary firm named "Beijing Shengshizhongyuan IP Agency Co., Ltd" in Beijing and two representative offices in Foshan and Zengcheng.

A lot of clients choose and value us and IP colleagues recognize us very much because many years we haven't stopped the chasing of "trustful, professional and excellent services", which we consider as our company's business philosophy. Based on this business philosophy we have got more and more business from year to year and our company turns to be a top agency especially in the field of trademark services.

As we get involved in foreign related IP services more and more, we have built up good and close relationships with different IP competent administrations and IP law firms worldwide. Right now not only can we seek IP protection abroad for our domestic clients but also we can guard IPRs in China for our foreign clients.

Guangzhou Dearfriend Trademark Agency Co., Ltd tries to give you an international, professional, price-preferential, and made-to-order service by combining its rich domestic resources and its sharp global outlook.


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