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Formal requirements:

1. Information of the opposed trademark application, including the application number and publication issue;
2. Detailed information of the opponent, i.e. its name, address and the Chinese translation thereof (if the opponent hasnt Chinese name/address, we can translate them for clients confirmation with no charge);
3. A power of attorney simply executed by the opponent;
4. Grounds of argument and evidential materials.
5. Copy of the Identification Certificate (if the applicant is an individual).


After filing the opposition, the opponent has another 3 months since the filing date to supplement any new grounds and evidential materials. When the said 3 months passed, the CTMO will send a copy of all the documents received from the opponent to the other party and require him to make a reply within 30 days form the date of his receipt of the copy. However, his failure to make a reply shall not affect the decision on the opposition which usually takes 3-5 years to be made by the CTMO.


1. Any person may, within three months from the date of the publication, file an opposition against the trademark that has, after examination, been preliminarily approved.
2. The Application for Trademark Opposition shall contain the specific requests and facts and grounds, with relevant proofs and certificates attached (we may provide our professional suggestions in this regard before filing each opposition).



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