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Formal requirements:

1. Representation of the subject matter of the design in form of drawings (preferable in .dwg format) or photographs (six-side views plus a Perspective View) in triplicate.
2. A letter of instructions indicating the name(s), address(es) and nationality(ies) of applicant(s) and the name(s) of inventor(s) and the CHINESE translation thereof, so as to avoid any possible different versions (if the applicant does not have a Chinese name, we will do the transliteration);
3. Power of Attorney executed by the applicant(s), which is neither necessarily notarized nor legalized and can be late furnished after filing within the time limit specified by the Patent Office (POA form is herewith attached);
4. Priority Certificate;
5. Description of the subject matter of the design if desired.


The procedures for a design application include acceptance, preliminary examination and grant, which usually takes  6~7 months. Validity of registered design lasts for 10 years and annual fees have to be paid in advance within the month before the expiration of the preceding year. 


According to the Chinese Patent Law, a design patent application shall be limited to ONE design incorporated in ONE product. Only for the designs which are incorporated in products belonging to the same class and are sold or used in sets may be filed as one application.



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