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Formal requirements:

1.  Information of the trademark registration intended to be renewed, especially the registration number;
2.  A simply signed Power of Attorney (No legalization or notarization is required);
3.  Copy of the Identification Certificate or Passport (if the applicant is an individual).


Trademark renewal usually takes 3-6 months to complete in China.


1.  Where the registrant intends to continue to use the registered trademark beyond the expiration of the period of validity (10 years from registration date), an application for renewal of the registration shall be made within 6 months before the said expiration. Where the applicant fails to file renewal application within the said period, a grace period of 6 months may be allowed with certain penalty
2. The period of validity of each renewal of registration is still 10 years.
3.  The period of validity of a renewed trademark shall be calculated from the day after the expiration of the previous period of validity of the said trademark.



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