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Formal requirements:

1. Information the trademark application/registration intended to be assigned, especially the application/registration number;
2. Detailed information of the assignee, i.e. its name, address and the Chinese translation thereof (if the assignee does not have Chinese name and address, we can translate them for clients confirmation with no charge);
3. Power of Attorney, executed by the assignee;
4. Assignment application form signed by both the assignor and the assignee;
5. Copy of the Identification Certificate (if any party is an individual);
6. Copy of the Incorporation Certificate (if any part is a Chinese corporation).


Trademark renewal usually takes 6-8 months to complete in China.


1. Both pending trademark application and granted trademark registration could be assigned in China. For the former, certificate of registration will be issued according to the assignees information then, while for the latter, a certificate for assignment will be issued and must be used together with the original certificate of registration;
2. When applying for the assignment of a registered trademark, the trademark registrant shall assign all the identical or similar trademarks registered in respect of the same or similar goods as a lump, otherwise the examiner will issue an Office Action requiring so;
3. The assignors signature should be accordant with that recorded in the CTMO when applying for registration of the mark, otherwise, a notarized statement demonstrating that it is the real will of the assignor to assign this mark should be submitted either along with the application or when the examiner puts forward such requirement;  
4. The assignees signature in the assignment application form and the Power of Attorney form should be consistent;
5. The assignment of a registered trademark shall be published after it has been approved, and the assignee enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark from the date of publication.



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