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Formal requirements:

1. Information of the trademark registration intended to be licensed, especially the registration number;
2. Detailed information of both the licensor and the licensee;
3. A Power of Attorney simply executed by the Licensor;
4. Original trademark license agreement, must including contents of the period of validity, the goods/services licensed and the sort of license;
5. License application form signed by the licensor;
6. Copy of the Identification Certificate or Passport (if any party is an individual);
7. Copy of the Incorporation certificate (if any party is a Chinese corporation).


It usually takes 3-6 month from the filing date to be recorded in China.


1. Recordal of trademark license agreement is not a compulsory procedure in China, but of great help to protect both the licensor and the licenees interest, since only a recorded license agreement can confront third parties.
2. The recordal application should be filed within three months from the date on which the contract is concluded.
3. Any trademark registrant may, by signing a trademark license contract, authorize other persons to use his registered trademark. The licensor shall supervise the quality of the goods in respect of which the licensee uses his registered trademark, and the licensee shall guarantee the quality of the goods in respect of which the registered Trademark is used.
4. It usually takes one month from the filing date to be recorded.



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